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The Length of Coverage. Current federal regulations limit short term medical plans to 90 days under one certificate of insurance. However, these plans offer your client the convenient opportunity to apply for up to four back-to-back certificates at one time!

The Advantage of Back-to-Back Policies. While the deductible and any out-of-pocket responsibilities start over with each subsequent coverage certificate, any medical conditions that arise and that were covered by the initial plan will be covered under subsequent new certificates, subject to plan limitations. There are no medical questions to qualify or new waiting periods after the initial enrollment.




Pivot Health STM Duration Options by State


Pivot Health Short Term Eligibility now 64 and 11 months

Pivot Health Short Term plans have extended the age eligibility for individuals to 64 years and 11 months.  Coverage will automatically cancel when the insured is Medicare eligible.


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* Plans sold January 1, 2017 or later are limited to a 90-day term or four 90-day certificates of insurance sold at one time. Coverage duration varies by state.

** Not available on all plans. Limitations apply.



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