For Group Producers:

High income and/or self-employed
Options are important for these high-earning health insurance seekers, but so is a fair price for coverage. Having control of how they spend their health care dollars is important.

Changing jobs
It’s a new economy where job fluidity is more common than ever; temporary health insurance may be a good fit.

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Bridge to Medicare plans

Bridge to Medicare plans continue to offer flexibility for your pre-Medicare clients. These plans feature deductible and coinsurance options along with the freedom to choose their provider. Additionally, the Bridge to MedicareTM portfolio offers:

Age eligibility

Plans available for individuals age 60 - 64 and 11 months

Simplified application and coverage benefits

Removal of the Limited Medical Benefit helps simplify coverage and reduce premiums

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Don't forget the Dental!

One of the most requested supplemental benefits is also one that nearly 2/3rds of enrollees don't have — dental insurance.

You already have a built-in pool of people who need this important coverage – your current policyholders and prospective clients!

Don't forget to ask your clients about adding on Dental Coverage

For ACA Producers:

Having options for coverage is more important than ever. Not everyone is eligible for ACA outside of Federal or State Open Enrollment Periods (OEP). Be ready to present coverage options to your clients with Short Term Medical Products.

Notable Niches:

  • Generally healthy individuals
  • Budget-conscious buyers and those who want more control over their health care dollars
  • Need nationwide network access
  • No qualifying life event (QLE) outside of ACA open Enrollment

For Senior Producers:

Pivot Health saw a 60% increase last year of individuals age 60-64 buying short term medical insurance. Retirees with part-time jobs are a key Short Term Medical demographic!



Introducing Allstate Health Solutions
We are pleased to announce that National General Accident & Health’s individual
healthcare business will become Allstate Health Solutions! Read More



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Are you letting clients go elsewhere for Supplemental Health Plans?

Like most Americans, your clients have probably thought about the possible disastrous financial effects of fighting off a major disease or an accident and taking time off from work to recover. Offer your clients a choice of Supplemental Health Plans to help take care of bills that health plans don’t cover, help take care of financial needs in the event of a major illness, or help provide income in the aftermath of an injury.


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