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California, Florida, Michigan, New Mexico, Ohio,Texas, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin

RE: Molina SEP Commissions

Considering the current political environment and the "loopholes" that still exist in the SEP eligibility validation process, we have decided we will no longer pay SEP commissions effective 04/01/2017.



We are happy to inform you that our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Payment Processing is now available! If you have a client who needs to make a payment and they generally pay online via the Molina Payment Page, please encourage them to utilize the IVR System.  Click here for the list of Molina state specific phone numbers.


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We are happy to announce that our Molina Renewal Lead System is now available! Your current Molina active Book of Business clients are now loaded into your Molina Broker Portal as "Molina Renewal Prospects". Login now to renew clients in the same plan (or the 2017 equivalent), change metal tiers, and add or remove dependents!

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*You will need to provide proof of production in counties where Molina is available and meet our production minimum to qualify. Your contract level may also determine your eligibility.


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