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Graded Benefit Whole Life

Available in 49 States
Issue Age: 40 – 90!

Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company has officially launched "Heritage Plan , " a new Graded Benefit Whole Life Insurance product that helps protect your client's family's future.

  • No medical exam needed
  • Premiums never increase
  • Simple application process
  • Whole life insurance accumulates cash value

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GTL’s Short-Term Home Health Care Insurance is more affordable than most other plan of care policies and it pays benefits directly to your client, regardless of any other insurance they have.

If you presented your clients a health plan with co-pays, do they have the resources to pay for the potential out-of-pocket costs? 

Now is a great time to follow up with your Medicare Advantage and Health Insurance clients and present them with a way to help minimize their exposure with GTL's Advantage Plus® Hospital Indemnity Insurance.

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An Advantage Plus policy can provide coverage for persons 40 - 85 years of age with a cash benefit paid directly to the client to cover expenses associated with:

  • Hospital confinement
  • Ambulance trips
  • Skilled nursing facility confinement
  • Cancer

Take Advantage of the Industry Leading Indemnity Plan

  • Guaranteed Issue for Ages 64 1/2 to 65 1/2
    and a simple yes/no application for other ages.
  • Guaranteed Renewable for Life
  • 3-day, 6-day, 10-day or 21-day benefit
  • Dental/Vision rider 
  • Short Duration Hospital Stay Rider (3 and 6 day benefit)
  • Cancer Coverage is now a rider on Advantage Plus and includes a skin cancer benefit!



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You asked for it, and we delivered! The industry-leading Advantage Plus is now  even better! E-App update available on Apple or Android devices now!

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