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Maximize your sales with an
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One of the most requested supplemental benefits for Medicare enrollees is also one that nearly 2/3rds of enrollees don't have —

Dental insurance


Submit qualifying applications of Medicare Supplement and ancillary products July 1 through September 30, 2022 to earn a bonus. The more qualifying applications submitted and policies issued, the more bonus dollars you can earn.

You can earn a $100 bonus per underwritten Medicare Supplement electronic application. And for qualifying ancillary products, you can receive a $25 bonus per application.

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Certification is the first step to sell 2023 Aetna products this AEP - let's get you prepared!

Planning to sell individual Aetna MA/MAPD or SilverScript PDP products this AEP? You'll need to get certified before the October 15 deadline.

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Medicare Supplement

Medicare Advantage

Dental, Vision and Hearing

Cancer and Heart Attack

Hospital Indemnity

Individual & Family Plans and more!


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Hospital Indemnity

Medico's Hospital Indemnity insurance plan has no deductible, no required pre-certification, and no network of hospitals that clients have to use. Agents can use our customizable, consumer-facing Hospital Indemnity plan worksheet to show clients how it can work with their current Medicare Advantage plan.

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