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Updated April 19, 2024 to include
New Final Expense Plan


Our no-wait Dental, Vision & Hearing plan for Seniors, with select benefits and annual maximums that double in Year 2 of the plan.

Senior Indemnity Plans

Our newest Senior offering featurs fixed-benefit payments for covered services, paid directly to clients to use as they wish.

My LIFE Senior and My LIFE Senior Plus

This association membership gets your Senior clients access to discounts on the services they need, like hearing aids, diabetic supplies, gym memberships, and more.

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Medicare Supplement Insurance

Even Medicare has gaps in coverage. You can keep your age 65 and older clients covered and eliminate their out-of-pocket exposure with Medicare Supplement plans from Allstate.


Offer customers with a Medicare Supplement plan even more savings with MultiDiscount!

MultiDiscount options from Allstate Health Solutions really add up. Includes a 7% household discount or 10% dual household discount, 10% annual pay discount, 5% activity tracker discount and more!

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  • Up to 25% in stackable discounts (most states)
  • Intuitive UW with InstaDecision functionality
  • Any Day Effective Date
  • Various signature options
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Allstate Med Supp plans have competitive commissions, too




Dental/Vision/Hearing (DVH) PPO Highlights

  • Up to 20% discount when bundled with other products
  • Day 1 coverage available for major services
  • 100% coverage for basic services
  • Annual maximums “double-up” in the 2nd year
  • True PPO (Aetna)


NEW - Final Expense

Handling end-of-life finances doesn’t have to be complicated. A Final Expense plan through Allstate Health Solutions is a simple way to help your customers take the financial burden off their loved ones, when they pass.

What makes Final Expense a good fit for your customers?

  • Easy-to-understand and transparent underwriting. Applicants answer simple health questions, no medical testing or exams are required.
  • Instant decision process, your customers will know if they’re eligible for Final Expense in minutes.
  • Customers can sync up their premium to be due the same day they receive their Social Security deposit.

With two plan levels to choose from, they can choose the plan that’s right for them without feeling overwhelmed.


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1. MultiDiscount includes Household Discount, Activity Tracker Discount, Dental Discount, Lifestyle Discount, and Annual Payment Discount.


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