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One of the most requested supplemental benefits for Medicare enrollees is also one that nearly 2/3rds of enrollees don't have — dental insurance. With our 15% multi-policy discount*, short e-App and 10% premium decrease*, it's never been easier to cross-sell Mutual Dental Preferred and Mutual Dental Protection products. Plus, your clients will love our network of more than 375,000 provider locations


Dental Insurance
A Reason for You and Your Clients to Smile


Enhanced dental plans available in 45 states

Great news! Our enhanced dental plans were recently released in 15 additional states, bringing the total number of approved states to 45.

What's new with our enhanced dental plans?

  • No waiting period — Coverage can be used for cleanings, basic services and major services once the policy is approved.
  • Immediate coverage for major services — Mutual's dental coverage pays 20% for major services on day one then 50% after year one.
  • More maximum benefit options — In addition to the standard $1,500 annual maximum benefit, higher amounts of $3,000 and $5,000 are available.

Dental plan map

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You already have a built-in pool of people who need this important coverage – your current policyholders and prospective clients:

  • People who already own a Mutual of Omaha company Medicare supplement and want to add dental coverage.
  • People who own another carrier’s Medicare supplement or Medicare Advantage plan and want to add dental coverage.
  • People aging into Medicare (age 64½ and older) who are in the process of purchasing a Mutual of Omaha company Medicare supplement or another carrier’s Medicare supplement or Medicare Advantage plan.


  • Guaranteed issue
  • Just two questions on the Med supp e-App
  • Two simple e-App options
    – Med supp producer e-App
    – Enhanced to include dental/vision rate quotes and to pre-populate the dental insurance app
    – Stand-alone dental e-App
  • National network of about 375,000 dental provider locations



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* Available in most states.

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