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Sales Tip - Did you know...

that your Winflex Income Advantage IUL illustration software includes a report that can help you show your clients how cash value life insurance can help provide additional income that can be used for college expenses?


Wouldn’t it be nice if your clients were calling you and begging you to write them a Universal Life policy?

We think they will! 
We have found a method that is almost Guaranteed to increase your life sales. 

Just look at what agents are saying about this easy sales concept:

"Outliving one’s money is the number one fear of the senior community.   Thank you for showing us how we can help others live a more secure and better life." -- Personal Review – Agent

"…easy-to-understand way of explaining things has given my clients a greater sense of clarity and the little extra nudge needed to take positive action for their future." -- Personal Review – Agent

"…a REAL eye-opener. I finally have a full grasp of the incredible magnitude of the LIVING BENEFITS offered by Universal Life insurance" -- Personal Review – Agent

Find out how you can increase your life sales with this EASY to understand sales strategy!