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Medicare Supplement

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Short Term Recovery Care

An unexpected illness or injury can quickly drain your client’s savings and retirement funds. We can help cover costly recovery care expenses due to hip or knee replacements, stroke, heart attack or accidents.
- Issued to Ages 18-79
- Simplified Application
- Two-Year Look Back
- 10% Household Discount

Guaranteed issue

• Just two questions on the Med supp e-App

• Two simple e-App options:
– Med supp producer e-App – Enhanced to include dental/vision rate quotes and to pre-populate the dental insurance app
– Stand-alone dental e-App

• National network of about 375,000 dental provider locations

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On July 1, 2019, Medico will begin to accept applications for those who will be eligible for Medicare in or after January 2020. 

Agents will need to remember that, due to MACRA, the options for Medicare Supplement plans for this group will be different. 

We created a one-page Medicare Supplement Plan Reference Tool (infographic) to help agents quickly identify plan options. 

For answers to more specific MACRA questions, agents can download this Medicare Supplement MACRA FAQ

Additionally, we have made updates to:


Something to smile about!
Sales kits and marketing tools are now available!

Very Competitive / Great commissions / 9 month advance

  • Streamlined dental offerings
  • Additional sales and marketing tools
  • MyEnroller enhancements to make it easier to choose plan designs


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