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Updated July 1, 2021


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Cigna Medicare Supplement

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Individual and Family Plans
Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, North Carolina, Tennessee, Utah & Virginia

NEW - Available for OEP 2022
Georgia, Mississippi, Pennsylvania

Cigna Individual and Family Plans is happy to announce expansion to three new states and 93 new counties for 2022. This means more of your customers can access Cigna products and you can enjoy a more successful Open Enrollment Period.

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Individual Whole Life

Our Individual Whole Life Insurance policy is designed to help your customers prepare for a wide range of necessities and protect what is most important to them. Our Individual Whole Life policies feature guaranteed level premiums while accumulating cash value starting in the third year, and can be accessed by either a policy loan or cash surrender.


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Cigna Flexible Choice

When faced with a critical illness such as cancer, or another unexpected challenge – such as a heart attack – money should be the least of your clients worries.

Cigna Flexible Choice Cancer and Heart Attack & Stroke Insurance, insured by Loyal American Life Insurance Company, provides your customers with lump-sum benefits from $5k–$100k – which they can use anyway they want.

See the reasons to sell Cigna Flexible Choice.

  • Enjoy a quick turnaround
  • Advanced commissions that are paid daily
  • Sell by phone without a “wet” signature
  • Agent incentives, promotions and bonuses
  • Use the online agent tool Express App for quoting, sending proposals and submitting applications electronically
  • Available to quote on your smartphone using ExpressQuote
  • Combo application for Cancer and Heart Attack & Stroke
  • Customizable marketing materials to send to customers
  • A trusted company and recognized brand name
  • GA and MGA contracts available through Stephens-Matthews Marketing


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