The following agents have earned an all inclusive trip for two

August 15-18, 2016

J Aldrich
C Auchey
T Bush
M Centi
M Checca
S Cochrane
D Desrouleaux
M Dillender
S Dorrance
E Elsner
S Fink
D Firth
M Green
G Gurbikian
M Hearn
F Hickerson
C Izzo
J Izzo
A Keister
P Meskimen
E Miller
T Moallem
J Moffat
P Murphy
A Nabavian
R Noga
S Olson
R Parsons
L Poole
M Radka
M Raik
R Rebholz
C Rubin
S Sidky
U Smith
B Wiedersum
B Wollrich
J Worrell

August 19, 2016

T Bush
S Fink
A Keister
T Moallem
J Moffat
A Nabavian

All agents must maintain at least 200 points through May 1, 2016 to remain qualified